We will discuss your financial goals to have a full picture of what you would like to achieve. This will include working through all your finances and using them in tandem with each other to make the best decisions. A non-exhaustive list of the items we will discuss include the following: 










The typical process of becoming a client is outlined in the below steps. This is is a guideline and may take more or less time depending on the individual(s) and their goals. We will move at your cadence. Note that steps 1-3 are no strings attached meetings to make sure our views are aligned, and we are both comfortable moving forward in an ongoing planning engagement. The full three-step process typically takes between 6-8 weeks, and is completed virtually.


Introduction Call: this is an informal call between you and me to get to know each other. Why we started the conversation, your goals and values, what you are looking to achieve, etc. This is a great time to learn about each other and determine if it is a good fit for us to work together. This typically takes 30 minutes.



Discovery Meeting: Once we decide that we want to continue the conversation, you provide me with your financials so I can put together a balance sheet and cash flow statement to understand your current financial picture. This is the time for you to communicate your goals on a deeper level than the previous meeting and what you want to accomplish with my services. This is also where I can do some analysis and give you an idea of how I can help to improve your plan and add value. This typically takes 60 minutes.



Signing Meeting: This is the time for any additional questions or any other concerns prior to moving forward in an engagement. We review the contract together in the spirit of candor and being transparent about my fees, services and capabilities. We will also discuss what the first few months of the relationship look like and expectations on both ends. This typically takes 30 minutes.




We'll start with our first client meeting to help you visualize what you want to accomplish and how you see your future. This covers everything from your spending, future asset purchases (e.g. home or new car), lifestyle expectations, etc. I will then have an understanding of what your long-term goals are, as well as your current priorities. Once the priorities are addressed and completed, we will work through your full financial picture throughout the year. Within the first year, all planning topics will be addressed, and then we will continue to have annual reviews and check-ins throughout the relationship to make sure things are on track and to adjust as life happens.

To give an example, see below a client service calendar. Note that this changes based on individual circumstances, but once priorities are addressed you can see what other topics I am broaching throughout the year:



If you are getting "free" advice from an "advisor", you're probably the product. Everybody gets paid for their expertise, and I am not afraid to call that out.

Along with my Fiduciary Oath, I also commit to being a Fee-Only financial planner. This means that the only way I get paid is through the fees paid to me by my clients. No commissions or no kickbacks in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

My ongoing, financial planning fees are quoted below. Although not legally binding, I ask that my clients stay for at least a year to go through the full process - the fee is an annual fee, broken down into monthly or quarterly payments for convenience.

Household Net Worth Up To:


Monthly  Fee: $150

Quarterly Fee: $450

Annual Fee: $1,800

Household Net Worth Between:

$150,000 and $500,000

Monthly  Fee: $200

Quarterly Fee: $600

Annual Fee: $2,400

Household Net Worth Between:

$500, 000 and $1,000,000 

Monthly  Fee: $300

Quarterly Fee: $900

Annual Fee: $3,600

Household Net Worth Greater Than:


Monthly  Fee: $400

Quarterly Fee: $1,200

Annual Fee: $4,800